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Here at Palm Eyewear, we've always loved fashion sunnies.

We wear them with everything, and we love how colorful and fun they are.

But the problem with the other brands of fashion sunnies is that the lenses are junk. Your eyes hurt after looking through them all day.

You see, even though cheap lenses do block sunlight, they do it in a very uneven way. So the light that does make it to your eyes feels harsh and unnatural.


Fashion Sunglasses need to look good, but they also need to be comfortable enough to wear all day without hurting your eyes.

So we started Palm Eyewear based on a simple idea.

At PALM Eyewear, we build fashion sunglasses that match the latest trends, and feature high quality FDA-approved UV-blocking Signature PALM Lenses so you can wear your sunnies all day and still feel comfortable.

Our style designers literally spend all day on Instagram collecting and sorting all the newest trendy frame styles, and then they work with our manufacturers to make those styles even better, by adding in our top quality Signature PALM Lenses.

To keep our prices affordable, we created the Palm V.I.P. membership club.

Every month, we take our favorite new style of PALMs and ship them out to all our Palm V.I.P. members.

Our unique "Style Profile" inside our members area stores your preferences, so we know exactly what types of colors and frame shapes you like.

Or, if you prefer, you can pick and choose the exact styles you'd like using our Wishlist feature.

It’s so fun to open the mailbox and be surprised by a new pair of sunnies with your name on them.


But that’s not all you’re going to get. Palm V.I.P. members also get a 40% discount on ALL the sunglass frames we carry in our online store. We carry most of our sunnies in 4-6 color combinations so many of our members use this discount to stock up on additional colors.

Plus, as a member, you’ll automatically get free shipping on our online store on any paid order.

Between the 40% discount, the free shipping, and the monthly shipment of our newest favorite style, you'll be able to replace your entire sunglass collection with high quality PALM Sunglasses for less than the cost of a single designer pair.

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You'll pay just $24.99 today and you'll get your choice of item with absolutely free shipping.

If you LOVE your sunnies once you receive them (and we know you will), do nothing and your card will be billed the low price of just $24.99 per month, starting next month.

And every month, we’ll send you a new unique pair of our latest favorite Fashion Sunglasses with Signature PALM Lenses.

Plus, the longer you stay a member, you'll get extra bonuses! You'll get free accessories and bonus pairs of sunglasses too. (Click here to see the full list of bonus benefits for long term Membership)

With so many great styles and colors to match any outfit, just think about how easy it will be to throw on a pair of fashion sunnies from Palm Eyewear and be ready to take on the day, knowing you'll actually be able to see through the Signature PALM Lenses ... guaranteed.

That’s right. Guaranteed. If you don’t like any pair of sunnies we ever send you, for any reason, just send them back and we will return your money. No questions asked. And you can cancel your membership as soon as you receive your first order, directly on our website.

Join the thousands of Palm V.I.P. members today and start wearing Fashion Sunnies featuring Signature PALM Lenses. Your followers will love the way you look! Your eyes will love the way they feel.

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Palm V.I.P. Exclusive Member Benefits

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  • 40% Off Our Entire Site*
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Month 2 Bronze

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*40% Discount excludes all sale and promotional items. Promotions cannot be combined.